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Good luck with everything!! Let us know how you are doing and when they are gonna do the surg.!! ;)

Cathy J,

In regards to your husbands stim moving around in his belly., i would call the doc. Sounds like might need it taken out and moved into a more secure pocket in the belly, my doc said sometimes the pocket wherre they put the stim doesnt heal fully and since its usually put inthe waist line and bending down and having pants push on it might have been the culprit. I have heard that there was a guy on a nother site that could flip his around in his belly , but then had to ahve it moved to another spot bc fluid collected around it and it would hvae caused an infec.. i would call his doc, just to let him know, and expecially since its hurting him too...


First off, Welcome to the site.. this is a wonderfull place to ask questions and share your story or even just to vent. Everyone on here is great adn we all know what you are going through!! :)

Now to help you with your answers...

I have only had 6 blocks my self and my doc is like your saying that if 3 dont work then the rest of them are just more hassle to you and your RSD. But mine only lasted at the max 2 hours, so it might have something to do with that. I have also had 3 continual epidurals and i was in heaven while hooked up to them for that week , but after the epidural was pulled out, my pain and color changes all came right back.

I have a stim in my back that also has 2 leads, when I first had it implanted i only had one lead put in and when it stopped working they wnet back in and put another one in. Yes you are right about the lifting and twisting and bending, and stretching, most of it is because you have to heal and that the leads have to scar to the spinal cord and any bending twisting or lifting moves the spinal cord and it will misplace your leads and that mean that your stim will no longer work right , ie it wont work for the area of your RSD and it will stim other parts of the body not effected by the RSD. You prob will have some lifting restrictions bc you can always displace your leads even being a year out after surg..but i think each doc is diff. i konw that if i went back to work i would have restrictions only bc of my job....???

As for the meds, yea you can go off alot of your meds if the stim works for you and helps break the pain cycle... thats the whole point of the stim to break the pain cycle and to get you off strong meds.

Well the question, about RSD not spreading, RSD can spread where ever and when ever and any surgery can trigger both a flare up and it to spread. I mean think about it.. when they cut you open, they have to cut through skin and veins and they can touch nerves and thats all the RSD needs is a new site to move to and bc your brain is already sending signals that you have a new incision they can go haywire just like how the inital RSD started... BUT, I have to say, that it hasnt spread for me in the 5 ( ithink) surg i have had to try and stop my RSD.. soo.. I guess how i think about it is that you cant worry aobut the what ifs and if it does spread we know what it is and can treat it early and hopefully stop it , and what if that surg helped your RSD and didnt spread...???? thats what i say or think at least.

For the arthritis in your neck, the stim might help that too. They dont go right into your neck, they just "fish" or thread the wires (leads) through a incision on your back and place them as far up as where they need to be. I have bad arthritis in my knee and that is the one with my RSD in it and it didnt effect it all.

If you have any more q's ask away.. its keep ing me busy answering all these questin and i like TTYL

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