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I am beginning on Monday to start Tomapax. I was on Neurontin and I gained 40lbs in 7 months so dr is trying a different approach. I would be interesting in the pro and cons of this medicine for nerve pain. Thanks and have a pain free day :angel:
i was on neurontin for a few weeks, it made me sick. so then i got put on topomax, i love it, it works so much better, plus since you said you gained weight, topomax makes you lose weight. i've lost about 15-20 lbs on it. i hope you like it as much as i do. :)
Hi Andrea & angel! I'm supposed to be on Neurontin for nerve pain, & I hated it. It made me dizzy, tired, drunk-like, slurred speech, and messed w/ my blood sugar(I'm hypoglycemic). I also started having seizures at night, and I'm not epeleptic. So I tapered off or that nasty drug. I didn't notice any weight difference, but I lost 25 pounds after my injury and the neurontin didn't affect it either way. I'm curious about Tompax though, cause my hands really hurt in the morning. I can't even make a fist it hurts so bad. I'm curious for more info. Aloha Skooze
Hi Angel,

I've been taking Topamax since September both because of my RSD and because I have essential tremor, which is a neurological condition similar to Parkinson's disease. It had helped my RSD tremendously, until I had to have another surgery in May, when my pain came back quickly and the dr I was seeing told me he could no longer treat me.

Topamax is a good drug. It's calmed down my tremor, although the Topamax can only reduce the shaking about 70%, so I'm still stuck with my hands and arms "tremoring" 30% of the time. It can be pretty irritating at times, but that's just the way it is. It's a hereditary disease.

I found another pain dr not too far from home (90 miles) and he prescribed a secondary drug called Zonegran. I haven't been on it long enough for it to produce any effects yet, but I'm hoping it will at least help me get to sleep at night. I know there have been other posts about Zonegram on this board, so I'm going to search for them. I have already done a google search and found a bunch more sites out there on Zonegran, so I think I'm pretty well informed about the stuff. At this point I don't really care what the effects are, I just want to be able to sleep and reduce my pain some more so I can get on with my life.
Ya I'd highly reccommend Topomax, it is another anti-convulsant, It helps quite a bit with the pain, I'm not longer crying all the time. and another good med for shakes and spasms is baclofen. I'm still on methadone for pain though, and then lexapro for depression. i just can't handle my crying and sensitivity that RSD causes, plus I'm a Cancer so I'm all emotional and sensitive anyway so that doesn't help!

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