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Re: Needing to know
Jul 25, 2004

I'm assuming you have problems with your lower extremity because you mentioned having a block in your back. If I'm wrong, sorry. I've had many lumbar sympathetic blocks which I'm assuming you're having. They won't keep anything in your back. They might give you sedation and then put a needle in your back and inject the meds. It is not true that if you don't get any relief, you don't have RSD (although I've heard some people say their docs told them that). There are many reasons why a person might not respond to a block and still have RSD...the doc might not have hit the right spot, the pain might not be sympathetically maintained anymore...Try not to worry too much. I know you're probably scared, but things are usually a lot worse in your head than when you're actually going through it. I had at least 20-30 blocks and no sedation with any of them. They weren't that bad. Sedation would definitely make it easier so if you want it, ask for it.

When you talk about something being left in your back, you might be talking about an epidural. They can leave the catheter in your back (epidural space), but they don't have to. So, if you hear you're having an epidural, don't automatically think it's being left in. I would hope your doc would warn you if something were being left in your back as you'd probably have to stay in the hospital with that. Good luck and if you have any more questions, let us know.

Sharon :)[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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