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Hi Cindi,
Sorry to hear that you might have RSD. I really hope not! I have hand and wrist RSD so I get a different block than what you will get. Hopefully somebody will come along who has had a lumbar block and share with you.

Blocks are often used to help with a diagnosis, but they're not foolproof by any stretch of the imagination. If you do have RSD, getting the blocks so early in the game will substantially increase the chance of you getting it into remission. Other than pain out of proportion to the injury, what other signs of RSD are you experiencing?

One other thing, if you have RSD, icing the area is not a good thing to do. The blood flow is already restricted and icing it slows it down even more. It's important for the blood to get into your foot and carry the oxygen into the damaged area. If you are battling swelling, then propping it up is what you need to be doing.

Be totally honest with your doctor about everything. Don't leave out details - every piece of the puzzle is important. I made a detailed list for my first visit with my PMD with every symptom, big and little, and all of my questions.

I'm glad you found your way here. You are very, very fortunate that your doctor picked up on the RSD so quickly. You have a fighting chance now.

Take care and please stay in touch.

Hi, I had surgery on my rt foot about four years ago and I had RSD that started in my foot and has now migrated up my leg. Getting good treatment early is the best option for possible remission. I did get decently fast treatment, but did not achieve remission. The lumbar sympathetic block (I went thru a series of 12) was absolutely wonderful for me. I hadn't been walking on my foot at all due to the pain (sometimes in the surgery site, but sometimes in other places) any time my foot was in a dependant position (down) it turned this horrible purple color and was incredibly painful and swollen. Your symptoms are not crazy or in your head. During the lumbar block the doc will put you on your stomach on the table and pile tons of pillows under your tummy. They will sedate you a little and then give you a long acting pain reliever and numbing agent directly into the space around your lumbar sympathetic nerve. After the first block set in, I could walk without my crutches, and even climbed a flight of stairs for the first time. Mind you, not everyone that has RSD gets the same treatments, and a treatment that works for me, may not work for other people. I did notice a little bit of pain at the site of the block, but it was nothing compared to how good I felt. So, don't worry, you'll either get a great result with the block, or it won't work. If it dosen't work, you may not have RSD, or it just may not be a treatment that works for you. My first block lasted about a day (maybe a little more) and then went back to being painful, although I've read a ton of stories of people who had one block and felt wonderful for good. So, as you can see RSD is a strange disease, with strange occurances, and strange outcomes. Please make sure that you tell your doc *everything* that goes on, because if you are feeling something, it is real. Don't let them make you feel stupid, or strange, or as if you are making things up. *You aren't*. I really do hope that you do not have RSD because it can be very frusterating and painful, but if you do, you are not alone. As you can see, there are tons of us that are dealing with the struggles every day. If you have any more questions or need something else explained, please don't hesitate to ask. Good luck with your blocks.... - Jessica

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