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Jokehakk, I thought it was you;)! Is it that your doc feels that any invasive procedure (blocks or SCS or pumps) may induce trauma thus risk further spread of spreading RSD (just for you or anyone's spreading RSD)?

The literature does report that some RSD resolves after series of 3-5 blocks & can continue to respond to blocks but only in uncontrolled designs (like most of RSD literature unfortunately).

If I were to try the IV ketamine today, I think I would request careful titration when above 10-15 mg/hr & benzodiazepine & clonidine premedication to mitigate potential psychomimetic adverse effects.

Are you still taking zanaflex (alpha-2 adrenergic agonist similar to clonidine), ketamine gel, nortriptyline, neurontin, and dextromethorphan? Has your doctor ever mentioned memantine-Namenda (recently available low affinity NMDA antagonist in US-available in Europe for over a decade) instead of the compounded dextromethorphan? Is the hypnosis helping?

Thanks for the appreciation, I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE - YOUR - PRESENCE & PARTICIPATION. I have begun to add the PMIDs (the digits) after the references so if one wants to go to they can for example copy & paste or just enter the 6-8#digit PMID instead of the whole title. I would like to add direct links but I think it's against this BBs rules unfortunately.

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