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Hi josh,
Yes ,thats me who has never gotten any blocks. till i got to the rsd dr., the hypersensitivity has spread to my upper arms and brachial plexus. So he chose to do an lidocaine infusion on me, but i got severe chest pain and shortness of breath after 25 minutes of the infusion running, so he stopped and will run not lidocaine on me. He is also waiting to refer me to the ketamine, because i guess the research some people are not fairing well mentally for a few months after getting it. So he is waiting till more research and more dr's/ run the ketamine to see results before he chooses to run the ketamine on me. On myself, my dr. feels my body threshold is so low, that i cannot tolerate some the medications and thats why i am having such severe reactions. I think i was one of 5 patients, out of his 1,000 's, that had such a severe reaction to the lidocaine, and people like me do not fair well, in his research and stuff. so i got to wait and see.
the reason on not doing a bunch of blocks again and again, because each time with a block, the body is getting trauma done to it, and someone with spread, it can make them worse. Also blocks are not an cure, and each time after a block, the success and pain reduction is lessened. so again, my dr. feels i have terrible pain control and if he did a block, and i got relief, when the pain returned, it would be worse than ever. he doesn't think i could handle it.
For now, i am meds, hypnosis, water therapy, and just suffering.
thanks for your concern, I LOVE ALL YOUR WONDERFUL RESEARCH YOU TAKE THE TIME TO FIND AND PUT IN THE BOARD. Excellent stuff. take care

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