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Hi all, been reading posts for about two weeks. Had bunionectomy 3/23/04, with v cut to big toe bone and two screws. Long story short, Dr. had me weight bearing on what they call a nonunioned metatarsal head (big toe bone joins to foot) due to aggressive PT therapy, weight bearing and flexing toe while toe was not healed I experienced excruciating pain and RSD set in. After almost five months I found another Dr. that immediately diagnosed the RSD (two weeks ago) and did a CAT scan on toe that confirmed the toe still has not healed. Osteo has set in. Dr. said two weeks ago to get off my feet need to wait one more month for healing then a bone stimulator to finish healing. There is a lot of scar tissue making the toe stiff and painful. Prior to getting off my feet, the foot would swell, burn terribly, turn terrible purple and have some electric like shocks on top the bone pain in toe. Since I have been off my feet for two weeks, RSD has diminished, however I can't sit with foot on floor, it begins to burn and turn purple but not swell. Dr. says I amin beginning stage of the RSD and recommends I do nothing about it. Says neurologists and pain managers are way too aggressive and makes matters worse. This Dr. is a podiatrist, good one though, was team Dr. for the US Women's gymnastic team and a Famous football team. He says three months after the bone has healed he will put me under and hand crank the scar tissue off the toe, may have a few bone chips but should heal nicely..then all pain related to my toe will be gone and rsd should be fine. Doesn't want to do surgery to remove scar tissue due to cutting into nerves,etc. He also feels any pain I'm having now is due to my body getting used to the hydrocodone I have been taking. Please note, I go three days without any since I have been off my feet. I don't feel I'm addicted at all. I know I need different meds as narcotics do not address RSD well. Sometimes though even off my feet the right side of my foot starts burning like crazy and little shocks and throbbing start so I end up taking the meds. I am concerned about leaving the RSD as is because what I have read is the earlier you get treatment the greater the chance of containment for even reversal. I think my good foot dr is looking more at the problem with the toe than truly understanding the RSD condition. My Cobra insurance runs out 12/31/04, Ihave not been able to work for five months, savings running out, will not be able to work for questionable time ahead. Should I seek help for RSD while I am down waiting for metatarsal head on big toe to heal? Or wait for it to get worse? I value your guys opinions as you have experience and researched knowledge about this condition. Thanks so much....Beth :yawn:

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