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:angel: I was amazed I could even find you.....Yes, I have not been able to work that was the topper....I also have Bi-Lateral Carpal Tunnel since April of 96...had a right wrist release 97' but it returned not as severe...Cervical Spondylasis-fancy word for a very messed up neck....bursitis due to the stairwell fall in my left hip...Neuropathy both legs and elbows...(Nerve damage) Tendonitis right wrist and left knee...Arthritis neck, feet, hands....Osteoporsis....Fun......Yep, in appeal with SSD again,,,I think the reason it failed this time is my Attorney should of spoke up when the Vocational lady said Hey there is 21,000 Management positions and Supervisory Positions here....I was so in twilight zone....I should have postponed the courtdate but I had waited so long to go before a Judge to begin with...I had just had a breast biopsy and I was just blind sided...
Anyway, you have youngin's at is good that they are supportive...Forgive me if I don't get around to posting here too's a memory thing....You should look into the MSN groups I am really involved in the RSDBUDDIES Group they are terrific....There are several others for chronic pain I am involved in as well....Anyway, I am in Arizona...Where are you??? Hope this weekend is good for you....Linda in AZ

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