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Hi Beth, welcome to the group.

In my opinion, if RSD has been diagnosed, you really should see an RSD specialist or pain management dr. You don't have to follow through with what they suggest, but I think its important to see what they think. Like you said, your podiatrist is a podiatrist and may be a great one, but he may be focused on repairing the foot and not taking into consideration that RSD can be made worse by having further surgery or painful (which it must be if he needs to put you under) manipulation on the area.

I had my first treatment and diagnosis at the six month mark, which is meant to be right on the line between long term rsd and being able to have remissions. Although I still have RSD now 3.5 years later, I have held off alot of the symptoms, been on basic meds, and have had months of low pain levels at a time, and even long remissions, which I think is due to the early treatment.

I think its worth getting an opinion on the rsd, but that dr needs to work with (or maybe at least talk to) your podiatrist so that they can both do what's best for you.

In my opinion, waiting for it to get worse is not worthwhile, as if it does get worse it may need more aggressive treatment.

Like Jessica said, keep doing your research, sounds like you're already getting well informed which is the best thing you can do. There are a lot of great RSD sites, some much better than others, but unfortunately we can't post links! I find Dr Hooshmand's website is very informative. If you do a search under his name it'll find his website for you. There's heaps of general RSD info, then a "puzzles" section that gives all kinds of scenarios and topics related to RSD.

Good luck, keep us in touch with how you are doing, and ask us any questions you like- I've found this group to be so helpful and supportive!

x Kate
Hi Beth! Welcome! I'm new here myself, but you'll love the people here. Very supportive! As for your question, I agree with Sharon and Kate. You should see a pain management or RSD specialist. I'm sure your podiatrist is a very efficient doctor, but you'll get your best information and advice from a doctor that deals with RSD everyday. You don't have to follow that advice, but a second opinion never hurts, right? I have RSD in my left wrist and arm, and was seeing an orthopedic doctor at first. He was trying to deal more with the wrist injury than my symptoms of RSD, telling me that it will just take time to go away. My gut instinct was that something just wasn't right in my wrist, and prompted me to contact another orthopedic doctor. He diagnosed the RSD right away and referred me to a pain management clinic, which was one of the best things that ever happened to me since I've had RSD. My pain doc is great and really helpful. There are some things that he has recommended for me that I have declined, and we just move on to something else. You have a voice in your treatment and you don't have to comply with anything you don't want to do. By listening to the first ortho doc for the first six months and not treating the RSD, mine progressed and we had to do more aggressive therapy once I did get into the pain clinic, but that doesn't mean yours will. All cases of RSD are different, which makes it such a difficult disease to treat. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you and let you know that sometimes that instinct is telling you something worth listening to. It can't hurt to explore all of your options, you know? As sufferers of this, we all have to take part in our treatment and be a little agressive ourselves at times. If one doctor won't listen to your concerns, find another that will, if possible. I wish you the best and hope that things work out for you. Keep us posted.

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