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Hi ya all :wave:

I guess you can say I am new here. Wow, what a bummer way to get here too.

Yes, Diana, you need to get you a hire powerful attorney, like yesterday. I've been on w/c temporary disability for more than 2 years now. I was terminated after the w/c doc said I could no longer perform my job that I was hired for. Guess what??? There's a relatively new law that says employers are allowed to do that!!! The adjusters attempt almost once a week or so to cut me off everything. Financially, medically, any way they can. As soon as I think I can go back to work, things go bad again. I refuse to get my hopes up anymore.

I think I had this RSD thing for about 9 months now and no one was willing to confess to it, just pump me full of drugs. I believe it came in after the 3rd surgery for carpal tunnel and ligment repairs. I'm not a fan of stellate blocks because THEY HURT and they DON"T work. I now have an excellent doctor who has done what they call a Britylium block in my arm and I do get good relief from that. This doctor told me he will do them so long as they work, no matter what the adjusters say. :bouncing: It took a court order to get it, but, thank god for it.

I am learning alot as time goes by, things I wish I had known 2 years ago. I have found that a Paraffin wax machine is great for pain relief. The use of a bubble spa in the tub really helps too, with Lavender Therapy soak. Both can be bought at the local Wal-Mart for under 40.00 each. Yup, workers' comp does have to reiumburse you for them when the dr writes the order. I've seen several posts now where people talk about the itching and so forth which is hard to deal with when you already have a sleep disorder. Consider going out and buying sheets with a higher thread count, the higher the better.

When you talk to an attorney, make sure you leave nothing out. Good luck and take care. Get mad if you have to and just say sorry to the attorney, but let him know your in dire need of his help!!! And, remember that stress is the worse devil in this RSD crap!

See ya later :wave:

P.S. I love these cute little icons!!

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