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:wave: Hi everyone! Wow reading these lasts posts, brings me back down memory lane.
First welcome Samora to this site! We all try to help everyone & ask we'll all try to help, or vent & we'll all try to sympathise & help. If you had carpal tunnel surgery in 7/2004, & have RSD, get the nerve blocks approved ASAP. The first few months are the most critical time to get them, for a good chance for it to go in remission. My w/c ins. denied them for 11 months, & it was too late. Also like Kate says, is to move your hand as you can tolerate it. I have a nerf football that I gently squeeze, especilally when driving, if the pain is too bad. As far as surgery goes, yes more surgeries can spread the RSD. Try the nerve blocks first & be persistent.
And Hi Sandson, I've never met you yet, although I'm fairly new here myself. You're definitly right about the IME. I had 6 before I closed my case. When they found out I had RSD they started spitting out 3 a month. A shrink, an ortho & a neuro. The neuro IME(my 5th & 6thIME) said I had RSD & ordered the nerve blocks, but it was too late. I have RSD in the left upper extrmity & spreadin now, into the left leg, & the stellegate nerve blocks HURT. I screamed litterally. I had a good Dr. do them, but after 2 , all my doctor's agreed no more. :rolleyes: It just proved that I had SIP(sympathetic independent pain) VS. SMP(sympathetic maintained pain). Which is good to know. And wc is notorious for giving you late TTD checks. Mine always did at Xmas. I just wrote a letter to the State Ins. Commissioner and filed a complaint against the ins. co. The wc Ins. co. praysthat you either go on welfare, die, or close your case, & they do everything they can to make your life miserable. :rolleyes:
Last Lisa, you poor thing. I know how hard is it too not be able to type. After I closed my case, I bought a brand new custom built computer with voice activated software installed. The software's not that expensive really. You just speak into your headset & it types for you. :) Glad you're making some progress in your case. The QME/IME report will come back crooked, saying it's all in your head, your MRIs aren't that remarkable, etc. Don't even worry about that. I saw a physcologist for 2 years, who really helped me through all this mess. My doctor's wanted me to see a shrink that specialized in chronic pain, but wc denied that. Finally they found a shrink that treats adolescents, to take my case, & I really liked him. When the insurance companies found this out, they started referring more cases to him. Pretty soon, when a new case was offerred his 1st ? was, who is the ins. co? the 2nd ? was, who is the adjuster? After a year of this he quit taking wc cases, cause he wasn't getting paid either! Go figure. But try & see if there is one in your area that specializes in chronic pain, get their resume & have your attorney approve it first. It really helps. About your weight gain, there are other threads on this board that say the neurontin will cause weight gain. I went off of it, because it disagreed with me, so check out the other threads for a different antiseisure med. And the lidocaine injections--iffy too. 2 a lifetime? You're only supposed to have 3 cortizone shots a year, & I've known people who get them every 3 weeks. My physical therapist said those people will end up like most football players. Sure it numbs the pain, temporarily, but it also shortens their career big time--they have big bucks & a permnately destroyed physical condition. And don't worry about going back to work right now. Work on getting the RSD under control, seeing a chronic pain shrink, & hopefully it will put you in a better frame of mind to deal with the wicked game of chess that you're in :D
I''ve rambled enough. Take care-- Aloha Skooze

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