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Jaw/teeth/head pain
Aug 31, 2004
Hi Everyone

I was wondering if anyone has similar problems to me. :rolleyes:

I have daily problems with jaw pain, teeth pain and migraines starting in my temples and behind my eyes, then aching lowdown at the back of my head just where my neck joins (if you know what I mean!).

Now, some of these did start before my rsd started but only rarely.

I'm unsure whether they are RSD related, or not.

My wisdom teeth came through on wonky angles and I think they may be the cause of my jaw pain and migraines, and my husband thinks so, but I'm wondering whether they aren't, as I know TMJ and RSD are closely related.

He thinks I should just go to the dentist and get my teeth out, but hey! I don't want more pain- I admit I'm scared of the dentist, :eek: but my RSD was started by a needle so I don't want any in my mouth! I think he gets concerned that I'm too keen to link things to RSD.

BUT if the pain is due to the RSD, then it would be unnecessary for me to get my teeth (2 upper wisdom teeth) taken out. It might even spread the rsd - :nono: I don't want that!

Do others suffer from regular migraines, pain behind their eyes, jaw pain etc? It's so hard to know whether they are linked to my rsd or if they are separate problems.

Any input would be great!

x Kate
Hi sillygirl! You gave some good points about the teeth pain. I had my wisdom teeth pulled when I was 19. My dentists here, the rootcanal guy says that I need to have the root canal redone(at $750 is he crazy?) and poked the bottom tooth that hurts more, & I almost kicked him, & charged me $89 for that 10 minute exam. When I went back to my normal dentist, who didn't charge me, he said that I need to have a gaurd put in. When I asked my 12 year old daugther, who sleeps with me, she says mom you sleep with your mouth open. Why, she says should you buy a guard, when it would just fall out? My friend who has RSD & losing all of her teeth, can't find a dentist who knows anything about the 2 being related. I did a search of RSD and dental decay, & that's how I found this board. If anyone has found an answer of how the 2 are related please let us know. Maybe we all should try the dental problems on this board? Food for thought. Hope this helps all. Aloha Skooze

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