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RSD spreading?
Sep 1, 2004
Hello All! :wave: I hope everyone is having a good day today. Mine has been a little rough, and I admit that I'm kind of confused about some things. :confused: First off, yesterday, I was walking through the kitchen and my leg just gave out,BOOM, I hit the floor. It happened all of a sudden. So, I sat down on the couch and propped it up for a few minutes, and then I got the burning sharp pain in it. It lasted for a minute or two, then faded away. As soon as it was gone, it happened again, then faded away. It took my breath away! I put the heating pad on it, and that seemed to help, no more problems. I was just fine after that. Last night when I went to bed, I had to keep my leg out of the cover because it bothered me when the cover touched it, and today, I had to put on shorts because my jeans were bothering it. I'm able to walk on it today, but it is very sore, like after you get a big leg cramp and it hurts to move it afterward, you know? I'm really scared about this. My RSD is in my left hand and arm, but could this be it spreading to my leg? The pain is so much like my arm, it scares me to death. I haven't noticed any color changes or swelling in it, just the pain and sensitivity to touch. Could this be RSD in my leg? Its my left leg.
Also, I have a question about the workman's comp/disability stuff. I am currently receiving workers' comp benefits, and I recently applied for disablilty. I've been out of work for two years now. My question is when am I suppose to settle my worker's comp case? After I get approved for disability? Before? Or not right now? I'm still under treatment from my pain management doctor, an orthopedic specialist, and a psychiatrist. At what point in time should I settle the case with the company I worked for? Did anyone else do this? Anyone that can relate, please respond!
Sorry to go on for so long, but I am really freaked out about this stuff. :eek: Thanks so much for all of your support and advice. I really look forward to logging in to this board every day. I hope I can help someone through this stuff the way that all of you have helped me. :angel:

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