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I had my bone scan yesterday and they only thing that he could tell me right away is that I have some hot spots in my feet.Oh, by the way did you guys know that they scan your whole entire body?I didn't, what a surprise.And of coarse they found something wrong with my back. He asked me if I have back pain?I have been having back problems for some time now and my lupus doc. says it is my disk cause Im getting older.So I have been just suffering the pain and now something shows up in my bones? Boy I can't wait to find out what this is. :eek: I hope it doesn't take long for the results. I have been on Celebrex for the pain in my feet and the last time I went to the Doc. he said it would help my back, how long does it take before the meds start working?Does RSD show up as hot spots?
Just wanted to let you know where I stand.
Thank you,

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