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Hi Sharon, Andrea and everyone else,
Its been a long time since I've posted here although I have been reading the boards now and then. I have just been so consumed by pain and meds and insurance and doctor woes...well, you must know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I'll try to get some of what I what to tell you out tonight and continue with more another night...I feel preety bad and can't sit too much longer.

July appt w/ PM DR said RSD. Had one block at hospital with floroscope due to all the instrumentation I have in my back. PM said he wanted to see clearly where he was injecting me (scar tissue in there by now - surgery 3 levels in april 04). Block did nothing! PS-EMG shows severe nerve damage L4/5 w no response.

Next, started PT prescribed 3xs a week by both my NS and PM. Physical therapy has helped my back to heal greatly. I do my exercises at home on days I don't go to PT.
I take 600 mg neurontin 3xs a day and vicodin (finally down to only 1, maybe 2 vicodin a day). Have to take the neurontin or else I get terrific flareups of the RSD!

I have had 4 major flareups with the RSD since July because I was also trying to wean off the neurontin. I won't do that anymore! RSD was only in my left foot and lower leg back then. NOW it is up leg, across buttocks/hips and starting now down right leg and foot although not as bad yet as left side. Hips are really bad though and limit the distance I can walk to only a couple of blocks to my PT or food shop then I have to come home and rest. If I force myself to do something the whole day, say from 9-4, I suffer a sudden attack of screaming pain that leaves me out of condition for 2 days. So I now know I have to pick one thing to do each day and no more.

NS, PM and PT doctors sent me to my primary to test for other stuff due to other complaints such as neck pain and sensations in back of head, chest pains (I have sinus bradycardia and my primary wants a nucleur stress test.) besides difficulty walking, some dizziness, headahes etc. After this this testing and an MRI of the brain and an MRA of the Brain and caratoid (I also have some slight blockage my primary has been monitoring), well after all this my PM will try some other meds for me. He talked to me about the Stim and blocks but said to get all these other things checked out first so my primary just gave me the scripts for all the testings. I will call tomorrow to schedule the tests.

Now that I have filled you in on all this I am going to stop now. My foot and leg is starting to swell and burn and guess what?? Started yesterday, my hands are getting the same symptoms too??? Can it go from lower to upper?? Hands are swelling, burning, numbing and a few lightning pans have surprised me. Hope not cause my only joy is playing guitar once in a while now and I hope I don't end up loosing that too!

Anyway, I signed on to ask a few questions concerning doctors, lawyers, SS and other stuff but I shouldn't make this any longer tonight so I'll leave it here for now and continue during the week. Let me just say, as I read all of the RSD posts I see we are all in the same horrible boat and my heart goes out to you all. Especially all you who are alone and out of work now, lonely and broke to boot, as I can relate to that. But thank God I know God is with me 'cause without Him I definitely could not do this!

Oh, my butt and leg and foot is burning now and I can't sit anymore! Can't stand now either, I'm too tired, and when I raise my leg by laying down it sets off the shooting pains (guess 'cause it presses on the nerve in my spine.)

I'm so sorry for typing so much. My fault for not keeping up all these weeks. I will try to keep future posts short with just current stuff and my questions I didn't get to. THANKS for listening! Be well everyone.

(PS The election stuff has been keeping my mind busy so thank God I'm not too depressed now a days. Each day I go for a short walk, maybe 2-3 blocks, PT said to make sure I do it or else I won't be able to do it, and I listen to the radio as I walk with my cane. What a sight I must be! Ha-Ha)

Mollybrown : cool :

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