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Re: Quick question
Sep 15, 2004
hi, with my blocks (my rsd is in my arm), my first pm gave me enough anesthesia that i don't remember having 2 done. the after effects once i came to, where a droopy left side of my face. but your's is a lumbar, so i don't believe you get it in your neck like i did. but after the drugs wore off the injection site was just sore, just needed ice. with my current pm, i got minimual meds with my block, it felt like a BIG bee sting, the worst kind. so hopefully you'll get some kind of meds while your under going the procudure, i'm sure a lumbar block can't ne too far off from a s.g. block. all three of my blocks didn't give me any kind of relief though. we do know the medicine stuff went to the right area because like i said the left side of my face was drooping, but other then that and a sore neck... i got nothing. so i hope everything works out better for you! just remember to breath!

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