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Re: Quick question
Sep 15, 2004
Quick side note RSD angel, my RSD started because of surgery on my RT foot to remove a mortons neuroma. Interesting fact. Anyways my RSD is in my right lower extremity. I've had a series of 12 lumbar sympathetic blocks. They were absolutely nothing. They gave me a mild (really mild) sedative and put me on my tummy on an exam table and went to work.. The whole thing was over in about 10 minutes and they stood me up and it was an absolute miracle. I was able to walk (without my crutches which was the first time i had done that in over a year) and i didn't have any pain what so ever in my back. I even had my ride stop off at my b/f work so that i could run up the stairs and show him how well i was doing. Well the first block lasted almost 24 hours and i was back to square one. The anxeity I went thru for those 24 hours was so worth it, I can't even explain. I had 24 hours with no pain in my leg... I slept, I walked with out assistance, I showered by myself. It was amazing.. Of course the pain came back (always does blocks are just temporary for most all of us) some people see relief from them but not many. I kept doing the blocks because they worked for a little while and gave me my sanity back. I had no back pain from the injection at all. The blocks are definately worth a try, because what can you loose. You might even get pain free time, because for each of us there's a different result. I would try to schedule a time when someone can definately drive you home and try the blocks, if it dosen't work then no harm done, but if it does..... well....... Good luck to you... - Jessica

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