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I'm on baclofen too, but after my trial stim i stopped taking it. I was taking it to help with the shaking and convulsions in my arm, but it quit working. It only did help a little bit when I first started taking it. While I had the trial my arm didn't shake the same way it did w/o it. It was more like it was vibrating from the electricity in it. So I don't think there's really anything I"ll be able to do about that. I've wanted to try a muscle relaxer for my shakes,but also because i find my shoulder is always over-compensating for my arm and hand and it gets really really tight and the muscle lock up in my shoulder neck and back. When I was PT I'd tell my guy that my shoulder hurt, so he'd think ok a little massage and it'll be ok, but once he'd get going he was like holy crap, what have you been doing? and i was always like uh.... nothing.... watching tv and sitting around. he would spend about 15-30 minutes trying to loosen up my shoulder, back and neck, and he said it was from my muscles up in that area trying to work harder since the ones from my elbow down aren't really working right. So i thought a muscle relaxer might help that out too. what do you guys think? but now i'm still on lexapro, my anti-d, and topamax, instead of neurontin. I don't really think the topamax is working very well... so i think this week i might see how i go w/o taking it...

Wow Kate, I wish i could have come off my ms cotin the way you are, but I took about a total of 60 mgs a day. I would have hot and cold flashes, break out in cold sweats, was dizzy, nauseas, really tired.... and at first i thought it was from my 2nd nerve block, cause i had just had it like 2 days before. But then i couldn't find the hydromorphone i was supposed to switch to, so i took an ms cotin, and i felt soo muchj better. so that's when i called the doctor and was like help me!

i hope everyone is having a lower level of pain this weekend.... mine is a little better today so far then it has been since i had the trial out... hopefully it'll stay that way. TTYL
my pt did the same rotation thing with me, and i don't rotate my elbow or wrist right. he got my wrist to rotate a little better, i have to really consentrate and watch it usually. but my joint and muscles haven't moved or anything, well not at the time, and i haven't noticed anything like that. looking in a mirror i'm pretty symmetrical. but i do notice that when i sit my left soulder come more foward then my right. but before i had rsd i was a dancer, so i had pretty perfect posture and good shoulder muscles so maybe that's helped. i kinda thought that a muscle relaxer would loosen up the shoulder muscles and not make them so tight ya know? and then i'd think it wouldn't hurt so much is they were looser. i dunno, maybe i'm just making it up, but it could work right? maybe in theroy. i am going to make sure that once i'm ok after the perm stim goes in that i go back to PT so i can strengthen my arm back up and hopefully get more use out of it. i can't wait.... just 4 more weeks.... it needs to hurry. :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing:

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