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I was on ms cotin (morphine) every 6-8 hours, that was 20 mgs i think. I mostly used that while I was doing my 6 weeks of intensive pt. Then I switched to hydromorphone, which is morphine based, i took that every 4 hours. I did go threw morphine withdrawls when I switched. So you have to be careful. The only reason I switched is because when I was on the ms cotin I couldn't really do much cause it would make me so dizzy, at first it was like i was drunk, stumbling down the halls and stuff. I did have some extras for real bad pain, but i got used to the ms cotin. I was on the hydromorphone for like 4 months, i increased it a few times, from 10 mgs up to like 30mgs every 4 hours, or something like that. But those as well began to not work... I then saw a new PM cause i came back home (i started treatment in cali at my parents, but i live in kansas), and he switched me to methadone. i went from 10 mgs 2 times a day to 30 mgs 3 times a day, and those quit working. Now i'm back to hydrocodone/vicodin 5 a day, which is helping a little i guess, but i'm starting to get allergic to it, i start to itch a little after i take it. So i gotta call my PM monday and see what to do. But hopefully I'll be able to get off all these meds once I have my stim put in on 10/19. My pm wasn't really wanting to try it on me yet because i've only had rsd for 9 months and it's not like what's considered really bad, but because i'm only 21 he said he'd go ahead and do it because he doesn't want me to stay on all these narcotics and other harsh meds. Cause those can in time cause more problems, not to mention addiction. I've already had withdrawls once, and it was awful, i definately don't want to do that again. so ya hopefully the perm stim will work as well as the trial did, i was pain free for the whole week. maybe i'll just keep a bottle of a few pain pills for a just in case bad day ya know? and hopefully that's all i'll need after 10/19.

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