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[QUOTE=Sunnycal]My husband was diagnosed with RSD in June of 2002. I have been reading on this board and giving him information from all of you wonderful people, for awhile, but finally got up the courage to post, myself. My husband has it in his legs. His original accident was in 1992, with many surgeries to fix his ankle and foot. We didn't know what triggered the RSD, until I was reading that a few of you had neuromas. He had one partially removed in November, 2001, and then alcohol injections to kill the nerves in April, 2002 (big mistake). We think that may have started the RSD, not the accident, since it was 10 years between. He has had Bier blocks, lumbar sympathetic blocks, PT and aquatherapy, a SCS trial (unsuccessful), multiple meds which are currently the only treatment. He is able to walk, but we got a scooter for long distances. He has a pain all of the time with spikes mainly in the evening. He also has sleep apnea which makes him tired all the time, too. He has a lot of trouble concentrating and remembering (due to the meds and the RSD, I would assume). That is one of the most frustrating things for him, because he was an electronics engineer and I always used to depend on him to fix things and help make decisions. I just want to thank all of you for giving support that you didn't even know you were giving![/QUOTE]

Girl, I can really relate to you. My husband was diagnosed 2001 i think?? :confused: he fell off three story building and broke his back, he was in traction for 6 weeks, then w got into an accident in a snow storm and he reinjured himself and me, then we moved back here and filed for soc sec who sent him to soc sec doc who didn't even take an xray or get him an mri just a basic freakin exam visual exame. when the doc told him to bend over and touch his toe's my husband locked up at his knees. The geat genuis doc took his hand placed it on my hubbys back and forced him to touch his toes!!!!! :eek: I still want to seriousley hurt that jackass!!!!! That was when he got the rsds. And the damn doc denied him for soc sec!!! I was so damn mad. here he was with severe spinal cordd damage and this doc is acting like a moron. I had to support me and him on my income alone, pay for his doc visits with MY doctor and paid for his very very expensive pain meds. It has been a tough what? 3 , 4 years??? :confused: FIBRO FOG I HATE IT!!!!! All I can tell you is be strong for him, be supportive and understanding on his bad days, also set a scedule for his meds and stick to it!!! Have him carry a digital pocket watch with an alarm at the times he suppoed to take his medicines. When he's having those bad grumpy days just give him space if thats what he wants or be there for him maybe even very lightly and gently massage him where he hurts or even a simple back or neck rub again gently. Be supportive, listen to him. I can't tell you how many times my hub has woke up crying because of the pain. Id get up with him and we'd go through it togather. He's in a wheelchair also but don't hardly use it unless it's someplace close cause we have no way to haul it. My hubbys rsds is in his spinal cord and spreadin to his chest and rib area. I am totally devoted to him. I'm his rsds advocate and educator. I applaud you for sticking out with him. I know how stressful it can be. I know how hard it is. I kep a strong face when he can see me but when i can I try to use lame excuses like a tear jerker movie to do all my crying that way he don't know that I'm crying because I'm worried. It is the most helpless feeling when someone you love is in such agony and there's nothing you can do to take the pain away. I want to lay my hands on him or use a magic wand of some kind and suck the pain and rsds out of him and heal him so he can be the active man that I met. It's hard and frustrating dealing with a loved one with rsds all you can do is love them support them do lots of research before any procedures. I understand if you ever wanna talk, cry, scream, whatever you want just call my name in here and I'll answer :) Maybe we can help each other. I honestly don't have a way to vent except in here. and it does help. It's nice meeting you and nice to know theres another woman in here I can relate to.

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