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In Australia, ketamine on the street is known as Special K, it is a very strong drug that users love,because of the high it gives them. I have a small percentage of it in my pain gel that I have made up. The pain gel is magic for me, gets rid of all the pain with no side effects.
I have previously talked to someone in an Australian RSD group that was in this trial and had great results. She was able to stop all her meds and was loving her life. This was a couple of years ago. She lived in Queensland so was able to be involved in the trial. But as it was just that, it wasn't available to everyone.
I haven't heard a bad thing about it yet. They slowly lowered her doses of her other drugs while she was on a slow drip of the ketamine, and they noted her pain levels constantly each day, and made sure she didn't have too much ketamine that would give her side effects.
Unfortunately, it was a long time ago and I've lost contact with her. I guess when RSD isn't a main factor in your life, you're not going to stay active in an RSD forum! You'd want to put it behind you, I suppose.
I mentioned this treatment to Matt (my husband) the other day and he said "why are we living in Melbourne and not Queensland?!" His opinion was to go straight up there (another 4 days straight driving!) and meet this dr. But I don't know if he's still taking patients.
I'm going to look into it more and try and contact the dr. So many treatments for RSD aren't available in this country, if this one is, I should go for it, hey!
x Kate

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