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Hi FY:

I would have to say no there is no difference. Endo or open, even the slightest trauma can bring about RSD, no matter how they slice it. Matter of fact, there are articles that state that carpal tunnel may not be carpal after all, but, RSD in motion. Even something as small as a paper cut can trigger RSD. Dr. Hooshmand talks about it in Puzzle 12.


I believe I had RSD after 1st surgery, not the 2nd and carpal tunnel was never ever mentioned until the 2nd surgery was over. Makes me believe RSD was there and no doc wants to tell me that. Best to discuss RSD right up front, none of them will with you.

Good luck

When I was in physical therapy my PT noticed that the range of motion was awful in my rsd wrist (left), so he felt around, twisted and bent it in certain ways and said i had signs of carpal tunnel, but he said he was gonna do something when i could handle my rsd pain better. i said no just do it now while i'm here i can take it, as i took one of my ms cotins. so he took one hand and placed it on top of my hand, and one underneath my wrist, and like pushed in opposite directions, then would pull... etc... it hurt a lot, but after he was done he said he had released something and i had better movement in my wrist. a few hours later my wrist was killing me. but ever since he did whatever he did, i was able to use and strengthen my wrist a lot better in pt then i was before. it obviously isn't something that's gonna work as well as a surgery, but i'd rather that then risk worse RSD.
Hi, I have RSD- recently had both wrists done - surgery went well- I would do it again
downside- experiencing some sharp pain once and awhile. not all of the time and i can use my hands better then before. Just don't stop using them.
I agree maybe RSD was there first ( carpal tunnel )

I went to the Philda Hand Center they were great.
Good Luck! Keep moving.

Anyone expericening lower back pain that will not let up!!!!!!!!!!!! across from hip to hip- burning is driving me nuts- can't stand long. laying down hurts-sitting is a killer HELP.

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