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Re: Hi, New here.
Oct 15, 2004
Thanks Amber and Jessica. I appreciate the replies.
I have tried Neurotin and Keppra . They made me so sick that the doc took me off of them. They didnt help the pain either.I Have 2 doctors that I see. One is a orthopedic doctor that diagnosis RSD. He's the one that has tried me on the Neurotin and Keppra and referred me to the pain management doc for the sym lumbar blocks.Since I am new to this I do not understand the need for a ortho doc. I recently started going to a pain management doctor and she is the one that has performed the 2 blocks so far. And to be honest I think she understands and cares more about what I am going thru than any other doctor I have seen so far. {which have been many}.Like I said I am supposed to have at least 4 more of the blocks.Which are scheduled about every 5-6 days apart.For me to have a "mild" case of RSD, it sure doesnt feel like it.I have looked through different sites but it seems as if they copy and paste each others info,and I cant find anything specfic other than the basic info.
I also soak in warm too. It seems to help to a degree ,however I can not stand anything cold.It seems the cooler the weather gets here,the more it hurts. I have noticed that when I am laying down that the normal color returns but as soon as I stand up,put my feet down etc the discoloring etc is automatically there.What kind of questions should I be asking both of these doctors? I 'm worried now that since the 2nd block didnt do anything that the blocks may be stopped. I never thought that I would be asking for needles to be stuck in my back but if I can get a little releif,even for a couple of hours, I am for it.Did any of you have any kind of a reaction to the meds used in the blocks? Rashes, mood changes etc?
[ [I]removed [/I] ] I really apprecaite the time you all have taken to talk with me.It helps knowing that others understand.

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