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Hi, New here.
Oct 14, 2004
Hi, I was told I had Rsd in my left foot and leg from a car accident. I have tried Nuerotin and Keppra along with Ultracet .However none of the medications gave me any relief, they made me very sick.So the doctor took me off the meds. I have had 2 sympathetic lumbar blocks and I am somewhat confused and very frustrated.
The 1st block... I had a whole 2 days with almost no pain at all. The 2nd block ,however, I do not feel it has done much at all. Could there be a reason for this? My foot feels alittle better but my leg still burns and throbs and my lower back is very painfull from the procedure and from the way I have been walking for the last few months{been limping because of the pain}.Why would the 1st block give me more releif than the 2nd? Any suggestion would be very helpful.
I am told I am in the early the stages of RSD and I am praying that it does not get any worse.I am scheduled to have a few more blocks,maybe 4 more.
I would really like to hear from some of you that have had these blocks and what pain level you were at after the blocks and how long they lasted for you?
With the 1st block the swelling went away, my leg and foot returned to its normal color and I had a pain level of almost nothing. That was a huge difference compared to how I had been hurting.The 2nd block, I had no swelling and my foot did feel better for a few hours but was bluish red and my leg I could not tell it had helped at all.With the 1st block I had a reaction to the steroid{red face and neck} so the doc did not use the steriod in the 2nd block.I am wondering if maybe this could be why I have had very little relief from the 2nd block.I also show signs of RSD in my right foot, but as of now its only swelling and discoloring. I have no other health problems. Been tested for everything.I ma at wits end here. The doctors I see will not prescribe narcotic drugs for my RSD. They say those drugs have no effect on RSD but I am wondering if maybe they would help with the constant throbbing? Since I am new to this condition I would greatly appreciate any and all imformation and suggestions anyone here may have for me.
Thank you,
Re: Hi, New here.
Oct 15, 2004
Thanks Amber and Jessica. I appreciate the replies.
I have tried Neurotin and Keppra . They made me so sick that the doc took me off of them. They didnt help the pain either.I Have 2 doctors that I see. One is a orthopedic doctor that diagnosis RSD. He's the one that has tried me on the Neurotin and Keppra and referred me to the pain management doc for the sym lumbar blocks.Since I am new to this I do not understand the need for a ortho doc. I recently started going to a pain management doctor and she is the one that has performed the 2 blocks so far. And to be honest I think she understands and cares more about what I am going thru than any other doctor I have seen so far. {which have been many}.Like I said I am supposed to have at least 4 more of the blocks.Which are scheduled about every 5-6 days apart.For me to have a "mild" case of RSD, it sure doesnt feel like it.I have looked through different sites but it seems as if they copy and paste each others info,and I cant find anything specfic other than the basic info.
I also soak in warm too. It seems to help to a degree ,however I can not stand anything cold.It seems the cooler the weather gets here,the more it hurts. I have noticed that when I am laying down that the normal color returns but as soon as I stand up,put my feet down etc the discoloring etc is automatically there.What kind of questions should I be asking both of these doctors? I 'm worried now that since the 2nd block didnt do anything that the blocks may be stopped. I never thought that I would be asking for needles to be stuck in my back but if I can get a little releif,even for a couple of hours, I am for it.Did any of you have any kind of a reaction to the meds used in the blocks? Rashes, mood changes etc?
[ [I]removed [/I] ] I really apprecaite the time you all have taken to talk with me.It helps knowing that others understand.

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