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Oct 20, 2004
Well, I have had 4 nerve blocks in the left leg and 2 nerve blocks in the right leg. A lot of numbness right after, so bad today that I can hardly walk without a crutch. My feet have been getting red and hot right after the blocks for about 4 hours then they go back to cold again. I am still have some burning and serverely aching pain, but it tends to come and go. We are noticing some muscle atrophy and I have bruises that have appeared out of no where that are not going away. At the pain management doctor today he noticed that my legs are swelling again. Just crazy...wanted to give an update. They are continuing to up my neurontin and I am trying to stay on the lowest dose of percocet. I am hoping to speak with a PT that sort of specializes in RSD. Waiting for her to call back tonight.

I hope that everyone else is hanging in and surviving the cold weather here in the northeast. It's not even that cold and I am already dying.
Debbie B.
Re: Blocks
Oct 20, 2004

I know what your going thorough with the weather, not sure where you are but Im in NY and the cold is killing me and its only the start of it.. plus its rainy too.. so that just adds to the pain.

Im sorry that you are having prob's with the blocks and the after effects. My foot always got warm and red after the blocks but mine only lasted for the max of 2 hours. I have had RSD in my foot now for 2 years and i have had muscle atrophy since the the 3 mos mark of my rsd. and my sweeling in my foot and leg are about 3 times what they are supposed to loook like. I always get brusies out of no where and i dont remember hitting that spot bc if i did i would have remembered bc its soo sensitive to touch! I also just want to make sure you do PT and be aggressive with it and dontl let your ankle or foot or leg freeze up on you. Mine has and i got PT to late and i am stuck with a foot frozen at an odd angle ( i can only walk o n the outside of my foot and the rest is up in the air.. its like twisted) and i cant wiggle my toes (its like i forgot how to move them and unable to make my brain move them) and i cant move my ankle up or down or side to side bc its frozen due to the RSD. Whirlpool therapy was the best and was my only pt i could handle and it did loosen up my ankle for a little while but then the RSD just took off and it was to late.. so my wordds for you is find a PT the knows RSD and how to treat it right and ask for whirlpool tx.

Keep us updated and good luck with evreything!!

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