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[QUOTE=niktuh]I hope that some of you can offer me some guidance, advice, or other help.

My daughter will be 13 in a couple of months. Two months ago she fell backwards and hit her left elbow on a hard tile floor. We did all the x-rays, which turned up negative. Meanwhile the pain increased over time. It still continues to increase each day.

She can not tolerate Physical Therapy. She is very uncomfortable with anything whatsoever touching her left arm. Her pain is from the tip of her fingers to top of her neck.

Her left hand is about one degree colder than her right hand and slightly swollen. She has been diagnosed with RSD. She has been taking Neurontin for a few weeks. She has not noticed any improvement. Her spirits are quite poor because there has been no improvement in her symptoms - only more pain.

This is very traumatic on her (and on our whole family). Two months ago she was a very athletic dynamic child and now she is in constant pain and has become fairly inactive.

I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you!

I know someone that was diagnosed with rsds when she was 16. All I can say is give all the love and support you can. Get her into support groups with other people with rsds they don't have to be the same age to relate. Some people with rsds was diagnosed very early in life. My husband has rsds and it can be diffacult to deal with which is why YOU also need a support system. I wish you and your little girl the best!!!

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