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Hello - Sorry to hear about your daughter. I know Physical Therapy is tough when you are in such pain and water therapy might be less so. This is what I found and it has enable me to regain my full range of motion. I am more sensitive to heat than cold and have CRPS type II which is the same as RSD but caused by nerve damage. I take clonazepam as well as neurontin and you might ask about it. It is an anti-convulsive too but works differently. I cannot stress too much that you must insist your doctors send you to a Pain Clinic if at all possible where the Pain Management, physical therapy and testing, medication and any emotional help she might need will be available in one place. You need to get a handle on this in the first three or four months. I was not diagnosed for 2 years and now it will be difficult to get rid of it but then I am not a teenager and they are known to recover faster. Search under "RSD and CRPS along with the words "treatment" and "research" or "support" to find out the most up to date information. Good Luck Laura

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