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Re: New to board
Jan 11, 2005
I just wanted to add an interesting thing I've experienced.

I'm a big migraine sufferer. They start in the side of my jaw and work their way up to behind my ear, behind my eye, and all over my head. This happens a few times a week, its as constant a problem for me as my rsd is.

But get this- I haven't had ONE migraine since I had the ketamine infusion. I've been pain free from rsd and migraines for 25 days. Weird, hey?

So I figure the result is from one of two things:

Either ketamine can be treated for migraine pain too (not just for rsd people, but those that only suffer migraines)


Migraines and rsd are interrelated through the sympathetic nervous systme. I've had toothaches (need to get my wisdom teeth out but keep putting it off lol), but they haven't progressed beyond toothache level, which beforehand they did everytime. So I think because my sympathetic nerves have been shushed by the ketamine that it has stopped at just headache level.

I asked this question to a few friends who've had ketamine and they all agreed that the same happened to them, but they hadn't mentioned it because they thought it was just coincedence.

I go back to my pain doc (that did the ketamine) on Feb 3rd so I'm going to ask him about this,as its the same for a whole bunch of us, and see what his thoughts are on this. If my migraines are just caused by the rsd and symp.nerves, then I'm not going to get my teeth pulled out! - I'll just take a panadol when I need one lol

x Kate

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