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Happy New Year to all. I have been a "possible" RSD sufferer for almost 3 years now. I am a 30 year old male that was in superior shape before my episode.

To start off, some of my symptoms are as follows:

-Constant vibration/spasms & tingling in my feet
-Constant spasms period..
-Uncontrollable spasms throughout my whole body
- Lower Back Pain
-Dark Urine every bathroom visit
-Rashes about once a month appear on both of my hands/knuckles. Leads to severe cracking and itchyness.
-Increased muscle and joint pain
-Decreased blood circulation to all limbs. As if they "fall asleep" or "Tingle" much quicker than before when I bend down or have my hand raised.
-Heartbeat is much more "defined" than before. It can be seen through my shirt or sweater more intensly when lying on my back. I also can feel it more frequently in my fingers and other areas as well. It's weird I know but my BP has been, on average, 120/70. I think that is normal. Also, when I'm finish running, I can feel the heartbeating through my eyes. In other words, my vision looks like it is pulsating. :confused:
-Constant fatigue
- plus much more to list.

This all started one night while lying in bed, when my legs started shaking uncontrollably. I thought that I was going to die. I felt so gassy and that my stomach was about to explode. So I called 911. Just about 2 minutes before the ambulance showed, I passed my gas and my legs stopped shaking. I'm not quit sure if I have a nerve that might be damaged from the stomach pressure that was exerted.

I have went to the two neuro's since and have one EKG that showed negative. I went to one and he told me to walk a straight line, follow the light and touch my nose. Kind of stupid but he said that everything looked great.

I am at wits end can not seem to find any answers to why I am like this. After reading some of the posts here on the forum, I am convinced that I might have RSD.

Hopefully someone can give me some answers or direct my who to seek.

Thanks and hope that everyone has a Happy and safe New Year.


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