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Hi, this is my first post on this board--hi to everyone. :) I was dx'd with RSD a year and a half ago. I think I got it from rotator cuff surgery. It's absolute misery as you all know. I also have Fibromyalgia;myofascial pain syndrome & "mild" Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my left hand(everything seems to happen on my left side for some reason!).If this is mild CTS I'd hate to see severe! I'm mostly right-handed but I do a lot with my left hand & now I barely have strength in that hand; the rsd is in my left shoulder and my left knee is screwed up as well and gives me a lot of pain-dont know what the heck that is-I guess I need more tests for the knee. I havent worked in over a year--my husband wants me to file for disability but I cant get my present Dr. to even discuss it--I really dont think he wants to deal with paperwork, etc... We moved to the Atlanta area from Arkansas a little over a year ago and I was going to a pain clinic here but all that Dr. wanted to do were the pain blocks which didnt last over a day & send me to physical therapy which I can not tolerate. I found out later that his office is known as "the block shop"--good fast bucks for him I think! I stopped going to him and found an Internal Medicine guy and he sent me to a Neurologist who said all he thought I needed was pain management and sent me back to my regular dr. who said he'd handle the pain meds as long as he was "comfortable"(never mind my comfort, right?) now he's apparently "uncomfortable" and has cut them more than in half--I'm on the Duragesic Patch 100 and Percocet 10/325 for breakthru and have been since I was dx'd. He first cut the Percocet down to 15 per month(my Dr in Arkansas gave me 60 and said I could take 2 per day as needed safely) now the dr. here has replaced the Percocet all together with Ultram(baby aspirin!). I am looking for a good Dr. here that understands all the pain I am in and will give me sufficient pain relief--I know we all have been thru this and my Dr. in Arkansas was a Godsend but it took me many years to find him. I told my husband that I was tempted to move back just so I could see him again. I was at least able to function with sufficient pain meds. My question for any of you that might live in the Atlanta area is do you know of a good Dr. around here that would be willing to give me sufficient pain meds and will lend an empathetic if not sympathetic ear when I go in....we all know how important a good Dr. is in this situation so any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated....thanks to all for reading this.
**romc50** :wave:

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