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Re: New here
Jan 9, 2005
Hi Ussgacwife,

My name's Kate, and my story is similar to yours. I'm a 27 year old married mum, with three young children, aged 6, 4 and 2. My rsd started 4 years ago, from a blood test. My rsd is in my right arm, fingers to neck. I stayed at a medium stage for a while, even had a remission during my pregnancy with my 2 year old son, but it came back with avengance within hours of his birth, and this past year there's been a lot of changes and I got worse really quick. For the past 6 months it has been very unmanaged.

My husband had a big problem with it all from very early on. He struggled with seeing me in pain, knowing he could do nothing about it, and knowing that it came from such a routine thing, a blood test.

But for the past year he's been home as carer. He gets the same wage as he did working, and it means he can play "mum" so I don't do things to add to the pain. So he gets groceries, does the school and kindy runs, cleans the house, baths the kids, helps me wash my hair etc sometimes. It's made such a difference.

One of the things I told him is that its enough for him to sit there with me when I have a flare up. He doesn't have to say anything, get me anything, fix anything, just be there with me to cuddle and cry on. That's the best way he can help.

Just recently I went into hospital for a week to have a ketamine infusion, where I was on a constant drip of ketamine (an anesthetic) for the week to try and give me some relief from my rsd. I'm at the end of day 22 without pain, and its great! I was hoping I'd at least get Christmas day with my kids without pain, so to get this long is such a bonus. I was chewing down endone non stop before, and constantly fluctuating between tears/depression/frustration of how much the pain was affecting me and how sick of it I was. So I've finally been given a break and I'm enjoying my kids so much. Gotta make the most of it while it lasts. My kids can hold my hand, touch my arm, and they never have been able to do that. So its exciting for us.

By the way, I had a hoarse voice and lump in my throat, and very sore throat, after a stellate nerve block. I only had one and it didn't work at all, so didn't go through that again.

Anyway, welcome to the group, we're all here to help each other!

x Kate

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