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Hi Hanban,

I'm so sorry to hear how your rsd started, at what is meant to be such a happy time. How are you coping with your baby? I've heard of another American mother who's rsd started from an epidural. Mine started from a blood test. I felt intense pain from the start and could hardly breathe. I asked the nurse to take the needle out and she told me just to wait and it'd be over in a minute. By then the damage had been done.

I have three young kids. Two girls- Bailey age 6 and Olivia age 4- and a 2 year old son called Dayne. He's my post rsd baby, I put medications on hold to try and have a third child, that we really wanted. My rsd went into remission during the pregnancy, some kind of link to the hormones, but it came back with avengence within minutes of his birth. So I know the difficulties of dealing with rsd with a newborn baby, there are a lot of adjustments to get used to, both physically and mentally.

It's great that you are being treated so well already. I wasn't diagnosed for 5 months, they just expected my nerve damage to get better, they didn't realise it was rsd. But its great that they are trying so many things for you straight away, you have a great chance of getting on top of it and hopefully putting it into remission, or gone totally.

This board is full of great members and we're all here to help each other, so feel free to bombard us with questions and join in the posts yourself!

Welcome to the group!

x Kate
Melbourne, Australia

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