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How to DX RSd
Jan 16, 2005
I fell 3 years ago and broke my elbow and had pin placement. After that i started having many wierd symptoms. It started with ringing ears, then dizziness and chest pain. Had a cath that was normal. Then developed fasiculations throughout body. Then severe groin pain that after a month went down my legs into my feet. Later was DX with PN due to abnormal EMG and NCS. I do have several back disc throughout my neck and spine with some compression, but not in lumbar region. Other neuros then said I din't have PN. Then I developed tremors, severe sweats, spasms ect. saw a host of Doctors, most test normal. I have had a swollen spleen for 3 years, possible related to EBV. My biggest problem now is what I call cold frozen skin. It gets ice cold to the touch if I exert myself, but feels like bad sunburn. Some areas, I call hot spots, feel like my skin is on fire. They come and go. I've been through 15 Doctors and they keep telling me I''m stressed. Why I tell them I am stressed, I feel that the stress is coming from my problem, not creating them. I do know that stress makes pain worse and do all I can to deal with stress the best I can. I finally saw a Neuro at Duke. I was in a relapse with frozen skin, very cold to the touch, tremors and shakes.
He did agree that I had a bad back and said that it was probably causing most of my pain. He said he thought my other problems were stress related. i get so tired of hearing this. I was not stressed anymore than normal when I broke my elbow. Then the ear ringing and other things came on with the intense pain. He said stress could cause my skin to go cold and cause pain. I just think it's not stress related, but agreed to see another Neuro to do all the mental stress test or whatever to see if this is all just in my mind. He did say it was possible it was something not stress related and he would go through my records. I was like, thanks for making this judgemnet and not even look at all the records I sent. He was nice enough to say that he would follow through, got me appt. with a pain Doctor there and said he would not give up until he found what was wrong. I did go to Mayo over a year ago and
they said they suspected RSD and lined me up for a lot of test spreading over 3 months. I simply could not go down there or live there for the 3 months they spread all my test out as I live 4 states away. Do you guys think that stress can cause all this pain, ear ringing, cold burning skin,ect. I was fine until after the fall.

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