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I have arthritis and CRPS or RSD - Re arthritis was using unloader brace and getting around okay when i had car accident. The unloader brace ramped into the knee when I was rearended forcefully and damaged branches of the saphenous nerve. Now I have CRPS which left me completely immobile for a while, now on drugs and water therapy but still have burning sensations. Am on Clonazepam and Neurontin and well as Celebrex. Of course, I am in a law suit over the accident. I will be going to a Pain Clinic which may or may not get rid of the CRPS ( probably not since I have had it for four years -misdiagosed for 2 years). I cannot wear my brace because it rests on the nerve and makes things worse. My Orthopedic doctor says I can never have a knee replacement in his opinion even if I get rid of the CRPS pain because no doctor will ever be willing to disturb the nerve - that once you have CRPS, you have it for life - if the pain goes away, it is only in remission. Is this true. Does anyone have any information on the subject of operations on someone who has or has had CRPS. I don't ever want to have the severe pain return - it might spread - it spread to my other leg for a while. My arthritis is getting worse because I cannot wear my brace. My guess is I will be in a Power Chair from now on. I need solid medical information and I do not think the doctors here are as up to date as other places and perhaps someone else has been through this senario. Laura :wave: :eek:

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