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Scars turn colors
Feb 3, 2005
Has anyone had a problem with old scars turning almost a black color. My RSD is in both hands and my right arm up to my neck which I received after having carpel tunnel surgeries. There has been so many things in my body go haywire, but one of them is on both my legs any scars that I have has turned to a dark dark color almost a solid black. Even the tinyiest ones look like little black dots on my legs. Also, for the past month or so the sweating and chills have really gotten bad. I only get about an hour sleep at a time lately, I wake up sweating so bad, my entire body, so I throw the covers off and lay there a few minutes and then I get the chills all over, then back to the covers. Is like a cold sweat then, its horrible. This goes on all night, also happens during the day. Have learned to put other clothes next to the bed so I can change. During the day I have to really be careful when going somewhere to make sure I wear layers so I can shed them when I need to. One day I had only a sweat shirt on and I had to take it off in the car. Only had a bra on at that point, but just could not stand it. Only lasted few minutes though. I have a dr. appt this morning with my pm for an epidural and I am going to see if he knows if it is part of the RSD or the medicine. I take morphine 30mg 3x day and percocet 10mg 4 x day. Also have been getting migraines the past week or so. Nothing has stopped the pain for them. Just wondering if anyone else has had any of these problems.

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