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Pain Management doctors are generally anestheiologists who understand the nerve and pain pathways. Like anything else there are specialists in RSD treatment. After all I have read I am really beginning to believe that RSD is started by trama or surgery or other event but spreads or becomes worse because of poor circulation to the affected area and messages sent through the central nervous system. The body is trying to help heal but sending the wrong messge and cutting down the circulation of blood. No I am not a doctor but have read so many papers by doctors because at one time my pain level was so high I thought I would like to cut off my leg (a totally insane idea). Physio did not help, accupuncture did not help, one nerve block helped and the next did nothing, but i was told that movement was necessary in spite of the pain. Lucky me, I also had arthritis and could not walk far so I went back to the pool and did acquasize. The spreading stop and then reversed as I became more active in the water. I have to take medication but I really believe I controlled the degree of RSD I have by all the movement I did in deep water using a flotation belt and the stretching I did in the shallow end after. Painful and scary at first but not now. If you cannot handle physio therapy, try water therapy. I keep saying that on these boards - it is a recommended treatment by several RSD sites. Keeping the blood circulating to RSD limbs is essential. Please go to a pain doctor that has worked with RSD patients - go to the pool - but do not let anyone do any procedure that you do not thoroughly understand. I need a knee replacement but because my RSD is in my knee due to nerve damage from a car accident, I will not have one. The odds of have my RSD get worse are just too great. Yes I can have an epidural for days, but knee surgery is major and the recovery is strenuous even if you do not have RSD and deep epidurals do not always work and I could not stand for the pain to return to the levels it was at in the beginning. So I researched and made my choice.This disease is so poorly understood by the average doctor that you have to do your own research and ask a lot of questions. Hope you are feeling better and getting the help you need. Laura

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