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I'm finally scheduled for my first block in a few weeks. I've done some research on the internet about it but I'm wondering if any of you that have already gone through it can tell me first hand what its like?? What should I expect, how can I prepare for this, what should I do or not do afterwards, etc??
Thanks for all your help....

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I have had many lumbar blocks. I'll try to walk you through it.

My PMD has a flourscope in his office, so my block is done there. You will be asked to lie face down on the examination table. The doctor will use a flouroscope to view the lumbar area of your back. He won't actually do anything until he has viewed the injection site. They will clean the area and you will feel an uncomfortable pain which is actually the numbing medicine they inject. It's not excruciating, but very uncomfortable. The MD will then insert an IV like needle into the nerve. All this time he will be using the flouscope for guidance. The IV needle is the mechanism they use to inject the medications. My MD injects a steriod and pain relief medicine. You may feel a warm sensation all the way down to your foot. You may also have an extreme hot flash. It's just uncomfortable. I usually stay at my PMD's office for about 30 minutes afterwards because my leg is wobbly.

I pray you get some good relief or remission from your injection. Just expect to be uncomfortable. I have my next one on April 12th and can't wait. Please ask any questions you may have. I'm not sure I covered it all.

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I've had one done. My experience was done in a surgical suite next to the docs office. They started an IV and gave me some Versed. Once in the room they put me face down on the table near the fluoroscope machine, he leaned over and injected some really nice knock out medicine so never knew what happened till I woke up in the recovery cubicle. :)
Let's just say it was the only one I've ever had done and that it didn't work at all.
As for Don't plan on running errands afterward, have someone go with you and drive you home. That is a must. Find out if they plan on giving you the stuff they gave me because if so you can't eat or drink.


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