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Hi Monika,

Welcome to the board!

I'm 27, and I've had rsd in my right arm- fingers to neck- for 4 years now. I've been with my hubby for 9 years and we have three kids, aged 7, 5 and 2.5yrs. My last one was born during my rsd time, we were determined not to have rsd control every decision in our lives! It worked out well though, I had a remission during my pregnancy, which was great!

When my rsd started, (from a blood test that damaged a nerve in my arm) I had only just got over post natal depression,which I had been suffering from for about 18 months. My daughters were aged 2yrs and 7 months- the pnd started during the pregnancy with my second daughter. So it really devastated us to have the rsd start. We thought we were just over the most difficult time, not knowing there was more to come.

It's been a strain on both of us in many ways. Financially Matt has quit working and stays home as carer, so he looks after me, the house and the kids- doing school runs, bathing, cooking, cleaning, everything. That means our only income is a pension. So our dreams of owning a house and a good car are still just dreams! But Matt and I stick together like glue and those other things don't really matter in the long run. We have our bad times, I'm on antidepressants and he's also gone through times of depression, but we get through it somehow.

When Matt used to work 6 days a week, he'd have to come home and do everything, so its easier on him now as he's home everyday, but he's also had to give up a hell of a lot (including socially, he hardly goes out and doesn't see anyone other than school mums each day!) since my rsd started.

He spent the first 6 months since my diagnosis in denial. Then once it sunk in, he spent the next 6 months very very angry, wanting someone to be answerable to this and to be punished. But that wasn't going to change anything. Now he's great, we go to appointments together, he looks up details of medications with me so that he's comfortable with me trying something new, he's very involved. I just had my second ketamine infusion and I'm on about day 33 since I last had rsd pain. I've been able to drop all my meds- endone, endep, baclofen and topamax and still have no pain. The last few days I've had a few 2 minute flareups, but I did burn my rsd hand a few days ago, so I just put that down to being aggreviated by the burn.

Sorry, I've rambled on a bit here! lol

It's great to have you on the board. I hope you like it here!

x Kate

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