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[B]Hi All[/B]

Hope today is a "good" day for all RSD suffer's. I have a question and "guess what" news! First the question - I live in California (SF Bay Area) and I have just received (from my attorney) copies of the Disability Evaluation Unit (DEU) Ratings (there were 2 seperate ratings) and they state the following:

[B]Total Permanent Disability Rating stated: 88%

Psycological Disability Rating stated: 68%[/B]

My question is: What happens with the 2 ratings? Do they combine them for a total (I don't think so, as it would be over 100%) - so what's the meaning and how does the psyc rating "help" my overall case, as far as my final ending rating which is used to settle my case.

In addition to my "award" based on my final "rating" of PD, so my atty states, there will be a "[U]future medical[/U]" account set up based on my future needs proposed by my doctor's, which my atty claims "must be enough to cover medical expenses (re RSD only) for the remainder of my life an estimated 41 more years or so (I just turned 42, I was injured when I was 38). Does anyone know how this works?

FYI - I applied for Social Security Disability Ins (SSDI) in Feb 04 and by April 04 I was [B]approved[/B] :p for ssdi; and they have been paying me ($900 mo) and my minor child ($580 mo); plus I get PD at $170 wk - I tell you if NOT for SSDI, I would be homeless! How does w/c expect someone to live off of $640 a month!!!!

Now for the "[U]guess what[/U]" - I was told by my doctor 3 days ago that he has received authorization for a 1[B] week trial of a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS); and if it works then permanent placement[/B]. I have RSD in my Upper Extremites (both arms, hands, middle back* and face* - *not daily - off & on). So from what I can tell by reading some of the SCS questions and answers on this site, I am really looking forward to some "permanent" relief rather than just a few days as with other methods of treatment.

Well, [I]sorry[/I] such a long posting - I think I just needed to "vent" in a some what of a good manner. :rolleyes:

Take Care of yourselves and thanks in advance for any and all responses I may get.

Lisa E :bouncing:

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