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I had ulnar nerve transpostion surgery in Dec 04. Since that time I have been in more pain than before the surgery and have yet to go back to work. My hand doesnt seem to "work" like it should, something just isnt right though i just cant seem to pinpoint it. I have been referred to a pain clinic and nothing that he has tried seeme to help at all. The only thing that has remotely helped are lidocaine patches to numb the area of my arm so i can where a sleeve over it. He said he thinks it might be RSD. I have read alot about RSD and seem to have all the symptoms but i havent really noticed that my arm changes color which seems to be common in most people. Is that a determining factor? (he doesnt seem to think so) He want to do a gangleon nerve block but Im not sure I want to go through that if thats not the right diagnosis....I just need some answers...before I have no friends left.
Hi and welcome, though I'm sorry you had the need to come here.

Changing color is usually a classic symptom of RSD, but RSD can vary so much from person to person that not having color change probably doesn't rule it out.

What symptoms do you have? Pain out of proportion to the injury (whether it's burning or otherwise) and changing temperatures in the limb are probably the other two classic symptoms that most people have with RSD. Swelling is another one.

Sometimes the ganglion block is used as a diagnostic tool. Perhaps that is why your doc has suggested it. I've had three of them and each one helped a lot. My doc did them without flouroscope, but most people would recommend that it be used. I had a light sedation each time, and I'm glad. It takes the edge off and the procedure is over before you know it.

Also, just in case you do have RSD - ice can cause a major flare or even spreading. If you're dealing with swelling, try to use elevation to get it down, not ice.

I hope everything turns out okay for you. If it is RSD, you've caught it early enough that treatment should be effective.

Best wishes,

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