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I would appreciate any help you can give. i normally post on the ********* board but it is down right now. i was injured on a construction site when i fell and jammed my foot under some 2x4's. the top of the bony part of the foot got stuck. couple of days later it turned bright red, then white, then kind of honeycombed. one night the severe burning pain kept me up all night. my gp finally referred me to an orthro man 3 months later who referred me to a pain doc. they both said rsd, my primary said no way. i underwent many lumbar blocks maybe 10 all total. one time they messed up my right arm during the iv and the burning pain started there so blocks for that arm.

they gave neurotin which really did a number on me, gained over 70 pounds. i hated that stuff, made me a zombie. they tried everything but finally gave me gabatril and i stayed on that for almost 2 years now with my primary screaming and yelling the whole time i didn't have it.

well gang, i stopped the gabatril because of the severe weakness, i just couldn't walk without stumbling. i got hacked at the pain mgmt because he shoved me off to his nurse and i only saw her. at one point she made a remark that blocks after a period of time do more harm than good and are only used for diagnostic purposes really. boy did i get mad, after spending 1500 a piece for 12 of them, i really got upset. she also said many of my symptoms are more in line with fibro. don't know much about that.

but i've been searching the net and and on my god, the pictures are awful. i have never had near those symptoms, no swelling, no real discoloration, only had pain 1 or 2 times, no deformity, no sensitive to sun, water rain, clothes, nothing. nails are fine, can drive, walk, exercise everything.

my primary says i simply hit the nerve running in the top of my foot and it would take time for nerve damage to heal.

i'm on no meds for rsd. i only take my hormones and calcium.

did i have rsd? did i go into remission? could it have been nerve damage instead? my primary is to this day insisting i did not have rsd, and my gastro and chiro say no too, however the orthro and pain mgmt doc said yes. i've spent thousands and still to this day don't know. my primary doc says that after 2 years i would have a heck of a lot more pain and symptoms if i had rsd. crap, i don't know.....i'm so frustrated. i feel pretty normal but i have arthritis in my neck and that causes problems. other :confused: wise pretty healthy.

can you please please help. all comments welcome.
Boy Earle, I can see why you are wondering. The red flag to me though, was what happened to your arm with the IV. If it got "messed up" that may have been another place the RSD flared due to the injury they did to the arm during the injection. That is pretty typical of RSD. So....perhaps the blocks did do you more good than you realize since you have not had enduring RSD symptoms and the block for your arm must have worked. You may be one of the fortunate ones in remission, never having suffered the full blown symptoms of RSD as many of us have. Just be very careful and very aware in the future, especially when thinking about surgery or what kind of and how much pain you have with any future injuries. I have a feeling you had a milder form of RSD or you would not have had problems with your arm from a simple IV. Does this make any sense? I know that my RSD just got better once they got the pain under control so that now I just suffer flares. Everyone is different, not everyone suffers all the symptoms, and not everyone suffers all the time. For you it seems only time will definitely tell.
If you can function relatively well now, that is great, just don't shelf the diagnosis of RSD until you can suffer future injuries with no symptoms. If you have surgery in the future, I would play it safe and make sure you have a block during/after the surgery so that you don't have a problem with RSD returning.... My best to you....Beth

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