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hi everyone, just got back from a dr's appt (not rsd related). my legs are aching today. i have some questions. do you have that horrible hot burning kind of pain? i only had it about one night and it was the most awful pain. i didn't sleep all night. after i had all those blocks, i am left with a dull aching kind of crampy pain. you know how after you run a long distance and your legs cramp up? that's what it feels like. i have never had swelling nor real discoloration, well sort of, when i first injured my foot, it stay red, blue and white for about a week then stopped. now when i'm cold or something it changes colors, especially in the shower with hot water. it's only in the top bony part of my foot, no where else. also my hip hurts in that leg. i know i have arthritis in my lower back. also my doctor admitted at least verbally that he hit a nerve when he did a lower block one time. can that be causing these problems?
i am not on any medication but am thinking about going back on gabatril to ease this aching pain but will it help? my muscles just sort of hurt. i feel tired and my neck, shoulders, arms, heck all over, just ache. i'm depressed too cause i'm always tired. i sleep a lot and feel worse when i get up. i've mentioned this to my doctor and he just says take elavil and go home.

i use my gazelle every other day for 10 minutes but am trying to increase it. oh also i have bulging discs at 3/4, 4/5 and 5/6. they measure 3-4 mm so maybe they could be causing these problems. i'm sorry guys i'm having a tough day today. i tell the doctor all these problems and then he asked if i was having money problems, husband, etc. well heck no and what does that have to do with it anyway? i'm tired and worn out and why won't my leg stop hurting.


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