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Just wanted to post that Enbrel cured Paula Abdual of her Reflex Sympathy Disease and she said she has her life back now.

This is amazing to me. She said that the medication is for exema and psyriosis but it worked for her. Maybe it will help others suffering this horrible affliction.
Gingerly :angel:
I read a bulletin from an RSD organization that said that Paula Abdul's doctor issued a correction, with her permission. The Enbrel is for an inflammatory arthritis condition which is unrelated to the RSD. He is prescribing Pamidronate for her RSD. They listed some studies that showed that Pamidronate may help RSD. It would be great if there was something new to try!
This would kinda make sense somewhat.i had an amazing experience with the medrol dosepak?I saw a rheumy doc a few months ago.i was sent by my ortho surgeon to be checked for a bunch of possible added things that might have been contributing added problems with my RSD knee and lower leg.Besides the RSD, I also have a rather large bakers cyst that is snaking its way around many areas of the same knee and also have grade II III chondromalacia in that knee as well(yea, its a mess)He tried injections of astrocort directlty into the cyst itself to see if he could shrink it down and it would eventually hopefully just shrink up and go away.Well all that did was increse my pain level to some new hidious heights.Sooo, the next thing he did was RX me that medrol dosepak and wow, within just two days of starting it, my pain levels,for the very first time in well over a year since my RSD started, My pain level actually went below a five.i could not believe the difference in my overall pain!I had never ever been able to actually get my pain levels past about a 7-8,and that was on a good and rare day.The only problem was the vacation only lasted two days.As soon as i started on the 4th day, it all started coming back again.Felt even worse than before as it felt 'fresh".so we waited a week and he tried me again on another dose pak.This time, the very first evening i started it, I felt some relief,the next day was great but by the third day, it started to come back again.i was soo bummed out.Unfortunetly, you cannot maintain that high dose of medrol on a daily basis but at least,if there is something coming up in my sorry life,like a special occasion(our 25th wedding anniversary is this month)I have something to take every once in a great while,that will lower my pain levels enough to where I am not wanting to cry my eyes out during dinner,ya know?i still cannot get over just how effective that dose pak was.I just wanted to mention this as a possible suggestion to any of you that might want to try it and see if it is as effective for you as it was for me.i have found nothing that worked like this.I just wish I could take it everyday.But if there is something that you need to attend or really want to enjoy, you might want to see just how the medrol might work for PM doc said she would Rx it for me but only at two times per year.I already have an Rx from my primary for this that he wrote awhlie ago.i know that it is more than the two times a year but how often do you get to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary,you know?i am thinkin that if this stuff worked that well for me and my extremely screwed up knee, that it could work for one of you.Let me know if any of you give this a try at some point,I would really like to know just how things went for you.Take care all,Marcia

I second what Sunny wrote. I got the same thing. The Enbrel was not taken for her RSD.

Sharon :)[/COLOR]
I'm so saddened to learn that Paula Abdul has RSD. Though, I think that the good that can come out of this is that more people will find out and be interested in learning about RSD because of Paula's celebrity status.
Yep, it takes a celebrity to bring some medical conditions to the surface or even to bring it to reality. Hope her name brings us more pain relief.

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