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I have looked all over the internet for info on RSD and it seems like you can get it by an injury to a limb. I am wondering if you can get it from a fall where you land on your spine.

2 years ago I slipped coming down the stairs and I landed on my upper back. Since that time I have seen 14 (that I can remember) doctors trying to get help for my pain. I have been diagnosed with fibro and MPS. I just feel in my heart that something else is going on. I have had mri's of my spine and brain (brain mri showed lesions but docs not concerned, think it could be artifact from my orthodontic braces), x-rays, bone scan, emg, tons of bloodwork, etc. Everything concerning my back was normal. Now all of a sudden I have some degeneration in my cervical spine. Most docs say I am just depressed.

My pain seems to be getting worse by the day. I am to the point where I am almost feeling suicidal. (I hope its ok to write that here, I am just trying to stress how bad it is.)

Air blowing accross my skin can feel like glass cutting into my skin. The pain in my spine feels like it is coming from deep inside the bone. Right now my left thigh looks swollen and the muscle is very hard. The skin has a mottled look to it and it is dry and itchy. If I scratch it lightly, several minutes later I can still feel where my fingers touched my leg. When I bump into something, no matter where on my body, it is excruciating and the pain lingers. The pain is a combination of feeling numb, hot, cold all at the same time. The ER doc told me "Well if it is numb how do you know if it feels hot or cold?" Several other docs say PUT ICE ON IT. Are they crazy? If I put ice on my hand I feel that cold all through my body and it BURNS. Once I get really cold it can take hours to warm back up. I also get terrible nerve type pain.

I have been sweating profusely. This morning I was wearing a light gown. Everywhere the gown was touching me I was sweating. Wherever the gown wasn't on my skin I felt ice cold. I have had to wear gloves inside the house today because the tips of my fingers are so cold. I am 32 and have hot flashes all the time. My pain doc tells me it is because I had my tubes tied 4 years ago.

My muscles twitch all over all day long. Sometimes I have bad muscle spasms. Occasionally out of the blue an arm or leg will jerk real hard.

In the past 2 months I have gained almost 15 lbs with no changes in diet or meds. I go back and forth between constipation and diarrhea.

For the past few weeks my eyes have become very dry and itchy.

I am very depressed and have a lot of memory loss and am unable to think clearly. Many brilliant doctors have told me that if I get my depression under control the pain will go away. I cannot get them to understand that I am depressed because I am 32 and can't live a full life becasue I am in so much pain. I have tried all the antidepressants and am not feeling any better.

I am currently taking Cymbalta, Lexapro, Percocet, and Zanaflex. I tried Neurontin for the nerve pain but it gave me terrible headaches.

Does any of this sound similar to what you are going through? Is it possible to get RSD when there wasn't damage to an actual limb?

Thanks so much.

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