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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi Sharon.........thanks for the warm welcome. To answer your question about the trial stim.....yes it did overide the pain somewhat but after a while it seemed to feel as though it "wasn't working" if that makes sense. At first it felt just like a tens unit which I mentioned I absolutely hate. The rep came back and did some reprograming and it felt somewhat better (smoothed it out so it didn't feel so much like a tens). After a day or so that is when I felt like it "stopped working, wasn't there" and to me it wasn't the "very thing that would help me the most" as my doctor suggested. Another thing..........when they removed the trial my RSD seemed to flare up because of going thru the trial. I've read that any type of invasive procedure or surgery can cause the RSD to spread so it is better to get a nerve block before any procedure. It has been quite a while since I have received a nerve block. I was doing a little better before the stim trial and now I am back to square one and a little worse. The swelling is back and pain is much worse. They are not forcing me to do the permanent one, told me I could change my mind but told me that my options were running out.

I am supposed to go tomorrow for all my pre-op stuff and I am going to tell them that I would prefer to wait on the permanent stimulator. I am also going to ask for a nerve block because in the past couple of weeks my ankle has turned black and bluish.....looks like a bruise but it is not a bruise. It will probably peeve them off that I have waited until the week before to cancel but I don't care.....this is something I really had to think about a lot before deciding.

I've never had the red look that every one talks about and the sweating of the extremity that the RSD started in. I do have a rash in both legs and to a lesser extent on my upper body. I do have the burning, numbness and tingling and the stiffness in my ankle. Have you had or heard of anyone else having the black/blue thing?

I've never heard of bupivicaine? Is it something that they use in nerve blocks? That sounds like it would work well if it is the same or similar. Do you still get nerve blocks on a regular basis even though you have the pump or does the pump with bupivicaine prevent you from getting them.....or better yet, the bupivicaine take the place of blocks?

I am going to ask my doctor about going ahead and getting the pump. I am taking 200mg of Kadian every day plus Lortab for breakthru pain. I also take a myriad of other drugs and I am sick of taking all this medicine....God knows what it is going to do to my liver in the long run although my last profile said everything was okay.

Sorry for this "book" I've


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