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hi everyone...its been along time since i wrote you all...i was timmy k before,then we change internet providers and i then lost my old logon name here.. i have a question for you all.. i have had RSD since early you have or have had any of these symptoms or am i going crazy?? when i told my doctor these symptoms today i think he kinda raised an eye brow (that is: i dont know if he thinks i am crazy).. OK the question is this... i developed an itch..not just a little tiny itch in one little spot. Its all over my body and driving me crazy too!! i have read where people talk about a neuro itch; i dont know what this is. i started taking benadryl and it helps alittle but the itch is awful..also i am having freakish muscle twitches or spasms..again not just a little twitch but it will jerk an entire leg, arm or body depending where it is at..i have been taking zanaflex and today after telling him this he increased the dosage there..and the last thing is my shoulder..on my worst side, my shoulder joint has been terrible with pain its like a bone pain with just a little movement..and when i move it i can hear and feel my shoulder joint creaking and cracking.. the doctor gave me a shot in the shoulder to try to reduce the swelling and he said "i might have some calcification there and maybe this shot will buy me some time." its been 12 hours since the shot and there is no difference in the pain.. i dont know how long it takes for the shot to work..Can you get arthritis with RSD?
Well there it is everyone.. this terible itch. the muscle jerks and this arthritis or what ever is going on with my shoulder.
i really dont know what my doctor thinks too..i kinda thought he maybe ---well__ i will say it,,maybe he didnt believe me or maybe he thought it was in my head because i come with all these new things..i dont really know what he was thinking..but i really do like my doctor..
Sooooooooo what do you all think??? am i crazy or what??
Thankyou all in advance...

I get all those prob's too.. itchy spots and it goes deeper then i can itch or even if i cant itch them bc i am to sensitive it feels like it deep on the bone. I also get real bad muscle jerks or twitches also. sometimes it kicks my knee out from under me bc they are so strong. Its all part of RSD and you doc prob raised an eye brow bc its getting worse and you are getting more chronic symptoms. If he thought you were crazy he wouldnt have given you meds and increased the others... I also found out to help both the itchin (bc i couldnt itch it) and the muscle spasms a warm bath helps really good and also put in some epsom salt.. helps the nerves calm down and thats what causes that aggitating itch.

Good luck ;)

i have RSD in my lower torso and central pain syndrome in the upper(the central pain is very very similar to the horrid pain of the RSD,it is also neuro in nature)and i get that nasty itch with both conditions.Nothing seems to help it either.benedryl didn't even make a dent.sorry you have this too.marcia
hi feelbad...thankyou for reading...sorry you have that itch you said benadryl did nothing for you? what are you doing for it? like i said it helps me alittle. i still itch but i am not tearing the skin...the skin on my hands is so thin from this rsd, its hands just bleed at times during the day or night cause i bumped my hand or rubbed it or at times i dont even know how it happened cause the skin is so thin. and itching in the hands would --well i dont know..
thankyou for responding..

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