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I have some questions

I am having some problems with my skin - I have these little spots that start out with a small red dot in the middle and then it becomes redish brown on the outside, well there is one on my hand that keeps getting bigger and bigger, now I am noticing them all over. These may itch or hurt or not hurt at all. RSD or NOT?

[COLOR=Indigo]I get spots that look like blood blisters. They never hurt, rarely itch and sometimes turn into open sores that take a month or more to heal.[/COLOR]

My legs and arms get these odd patterns. They are like a lattice in pattern, so if you can imagine that. I wish I could draw on this board. Sometimes the outline is red and the inside is stark white and some times it is opposite. I notice that at this time my skin hurts. RSD or NOT?

[COLOR=Indigo] I don't have any experience with this, but RSD can cause quite a few skin problems[/COLOR]

I get these bumps on my chest when I am going to get sick. Kind of like a pimple, but they hurt and itch. I also have been having trouble with Acne on my face, but I am not sure if it is Acne, because they never mature, does that make sense? Just a bunch of raised bumps. RSD or NOT?

My injury site is in my Neck. I get these sores at the base of head going into my Neck, they hurt, itch and bleed. I can't see them so I don't know what they look like. Possible RSD or NOT?

Temp. - I find it harder to be cold vs Hot. Cold causes pain and heat causes fatigue. I went to the Store Yesterday and it was 100 f here, but Miss Kim was wearing a Jacket. Common in RSD or NOT?

[COLOR=Indigo]Cold always, well usually hurts us more than heat. Our blood vessels are already shrunk and causing circulation problems, so when we get cold it causes further shrinkage which only exacerbates our pain.[/COLOR]

The more I learn about RSD the more complicated it becomes. I just read that there are 3 stages. Can someone give me some in depth experiences with these Stages? I am trying to figure out where I am.

[COLOR=Indigo]Personally I don't go by the stages because you can be in 1 or more stages at the same time. It's not an appropriate nor accurate way to gauge anything to do with RSD. Again, that's my opinion about it. [/COLOR]

One more thing.....Retinal holes or Lattice Degeneration! RSD or NOT?

[COLOR=Indigo]From talking to others I've seen vision problems and eye problems come up when RSD is in the face or head area. [/COLOR]

Thank you,

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