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I have been recently DX'd with RSD/CRPS and for the last 3 years I have had numbness and tingling in my left arm and leg. I agree that the numbness feels like novacaine, you can feel pressure, but nothing else. The tingling will get so bad that it causes pain, I am the idiot working my hand to wake it up, I don't think I figured it out, yet.
I also started off with Night Sweats, it was soooo bad that I would have to change my sheets everyday, ewwwwww! Now the Night Sweats are minimal but I have profuse sweating in the upper body, all day long. Then the Acne goes with the Sweating. Yah! like I want to re-live High School! I am still trying to figure this all out.
I also have Body Temp. Issues. It can be 100 degrees outside and I will be the one with a Long Sleeve Shirt or the Dummy that puts the Jacket on at the Lake. I get Goose Bumps all over for no reason. I am the one that will refuse to put the A/C on, It will make my body temp decrease by 20 degrees within minutes of Cold Temp. Environments. I hate it!!!!!!!!!

My hand, fingers, toes and foot feel like they are frozen and cold to touch most of the time. I Love my Slippers in July! LOL


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