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Im am soo glad that i can help you or at least be there for you!!

Sounds from what you wrote that you have been through [email protected]%$ and back and thats soo like what i have been through. And you need to find another doc at least for a second opionion. Your doc isnt the only one in the State that deals with RSD, adn that right there should raise some major flags. Here are a few names from a site that only puts execlent docs onthere and these docs also do stim implants if you need to go that far, like i have had to. And this way if you do need a stim or try one out , you wont have to change doc's .. here are their names... please call them!!

[COLOR=Indigo]Robert Zuniga, MD
Osuna Medical Associates
Address: 5740 Osuna NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Craig S. Naim, MD
Pain Solutions
Address: 715 Martin Luther King
Suite 201
Alburg, NM 87102

Raul Rivet, MD
Address: 555 S. Schwartz
Farmington, NM 87401

Cesar Velarde, MD
Mountainview Regional Medical Center
Address: 4311 E. Lohman Avenue
Las Cruces, NM 88011

Philip T. Shields, MD
Neurosurgery New Mexico
Address: 531 Harkle Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505[/COLOR]

We cant post the phone numbers for the docs but this should get you enough info so you can look them up.

You asked about the blocks and if they stopped working for me. Well, they really never worked for me. i went in the hosp to have them done every week and i had to stay there for 2 hours after the block so they can watch my bloood pressure and when i got the blocks and by the time i was released form the hosp.. the block stopped working and i was in pain again. And my doc at the time kept on having me have them because he thought after a few, my body would kick in and make them last longer, and they didnt. I have had 8 blocks total and all of them lasted 2 hours or less.

I have also had epidural infusions that i am in the hosp for a week at a time hooked up to the epidural and it would make my legs numb and warm and no pain for the week, and i loved them.. actually would kill to have one now. but as soon as the epidural came out and the numbing meds wore off,, the pain was back ten fold. I also have 2 stims implanted trying to save my foot. and yes, there ahve been people that have had their RSD limb cut off bc of it, but it is highly suggested not to becasue it will only spread the RSD and make fresh new sites for the RSD to set in.... only as a last measure really and thats even if your doc would consider it. My doc said no way, but also in the same sentence said that if i broke my foot or ankle right now, that there would be no way of saving it , because of the severity of the osteoporosis and there would be nothing to pin and screw or even if a cast would do it, it soo dead there, it wouldnt fix itself...sooo..???

Like i said ihave had RSD for 3 years now and was delayed diagnosis for 4 mos and by then it was too late and it was full blown and progressing fast. And not to sugar coat it for you and not lie to you , if you have had it for 3 years now, its not good chances about geting in to remission, at least easily. And thats why you have to find a new doc!! yours sounds evil and when he siad to you that his son and him are the only ones in NM... i mean ????? get out while you can!! I had 3 docs' before i found the one i have today and have had for 2 1/2 years and know what that feeling is when you know you need to get another opinion and dont know how... dont feel like that.. and your doc should be really open to you seeing someone else for a second opinion.. if isnt open to it, then thats a definate flag to get out!

And also, the skin and bone and muscle are all effected by RSD. I have bad atrophy, which means muscle/tissure death, in my leg its almost 2 inches smaller then my other leg. and i also have bad swelling in my foot and ankle and it looks like i have a cankle.. (no define seperation of the ankle and and its 2 times its normal size.

Have they sent you to PT for the RSD??

And also isnt a DDS a dentist?? I really dont thnk they are qualified to # 1 diagnosis RSD, but also to treat it!! PM docs can deal with RSD no matter where it is and what caused it, and are the only ones to really treat it other then maybe neuro's or orthos but not dentists...!!!

I know how you adn you husband feel... i alway hide and avoid people too. its easier to do that then try and hide the pain you are in and also when they ask how you are. Get help though.. i would go and talk to someone also. i have a counclor that i see adn he has helped me so much.. its easy to just talk to someone that doesnt know you or your family and is out side of what you are going through and it feels soo good to have it off your chest nad not holding it all in bottled up!! there are psych's that specialize in PM patients, thats where i found mine. and if i found one in the little town i live in, in Upstate NY.. then i think you prob can also.!!

Again, call these other docs nad get in to see one of them and i would put off your block with your other doc for alitle while.. it wont hurt and maybe you dont relaly need it either!! Has he given you meds to help with the RSD, like neuronitin or elavil or evn pain meds???

Hope to hear from you soon!!! ;)


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