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Hi Kwise,
If I can relieve any fear that comes with the block I will try. As with all who have gone before you, the nerve blocks are scary. It really helps to have someone who actually has had them to understand what it is like. The results will vary as you have no doubt seen. It starts with you being prepped in the surgery room. A small injection is placed into the neck with lidocaine or novacaine depending on sensitivity. If in the spine for lumbar blocks then it would be placed there. You iwll be placed under a Florescope (xray) so that the Doctor can insert the needle into the correct nerve. Then a small amount of epinephrine (about 3 to 5 mg) is injected to insure that no seizures happen. After that approximately 5 mgs of pain meds (different for everyone) ie lidocane, novacaine etc is injected into the nerve. This is to slow down the pain receptors and hopefully get them firing back on track. Currently they are firing much faster than normal hence the pain, burning etc. The process takes about 15 min and your done. Side effects are minimal, ie.. droopy eye for a short time, droopy leg (feels weird trying to walk)...The benifits can be great..My block lasted about a week. I am waiting for another now. I have had RSD for 2 years...Check out to better understand this terrible disease...God bless I hope I helped answer some questions Bernie <><

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